Verbatim transcription
  • Word by word rendering of actual full speech, removing onomatopoeia, hesitations and repetitions. It remains faithful in substance and form.
  • A specific requirement in the transcript will be dealt separately with a redefinition of the price.
Video captioning and editing in standard or custom format

Video captioning

  1. Automated captioning in a basic price.
  2. You can ask for a specific service : choice  of text font, color or transitional effects, this will be settled in a further discussion.

Video editing

  1. A basic editing, no transitional effects in the media scrolling.
  2. A custom editing, according to your requirements, as far as the software programming allows it.
WordPress Site editing

An All in one Page site

A page site containing all your information. Menus and anchors will be displayed to your visitors to switch from a section to another

Several pages site

A custom editing, with a homepage to introduce yourself, including menus and anchors to reach the other pages where your services are displayed.

My skills

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