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I am an administrative assistant for twenty-five years now.  I had been working  for a french medical university for eight years, there I learned much about medical terms and all tasks included in the administration and management of students and professors.

During those years, I’ve been in charge of students exchange program « Erasmus », and students doing their internship abroad, that was my first job partenaring with the International.

In addition, I had been organising the teachers and the students schedules, the process of curricula developpement and the preparation for the exams, not to mention various tasks as typing and formatting letters and other documents, to accountacy tasks. 

Having tried out a great numbers of positions in the public service, I felt ready to enter the private fields.

I then worked few years as a secretary for lawyers, a real estate company, a computer expert, and trading companies.

And now, I feel time is ripe for me to put my skills to the benefit of my own clients.

To know me well, I will simply say that I am, from my childhood, fond of litterature, I have spent three years at the university studying english speaking countries  litterature and civilization.

Around my fourteenth birthday, I even competed in a national literary contest and I won the second prize.

After my english studies, I decided to do a training as a bilingual executive assistant.

I am very attracted to arts and music and I am an « amateur musician ». I guess it’s this artistic inclination that led me to be so interested in emerging techs and the web.

I hope this short introduction has helped you to know me well.


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